Commercial Recycling

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Commercial recycling made easy

Commercial recycling services

Green Girl is a locally owned, female-run commercial and residential recycling company. We provide single-stream recycling, paper shedding services, electronics recycling, composting and take those hard-to-recycle items. All in the Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties. We cater to each of our customers’ needs. Providing a zero-waste approach to lower your waste costs and increase recycling diversion. Call and get a quote today at 303-442-7535.

We serve:

  • Businesses (any size)
  • Commercial building sites
  • Law firms
  • Government offices
  • School campuses
  • Restaurants
  • And more

Custom recycle programs

Inside Recycling – We can work with your staff to set up locations within your office to help make recycling and shredding an easy piece of your work environment. We will come right inside your office on your predetermined recycling pickup date and remove all recycling materials during your business hours.

Outside RecyclingWe can help your staff set up a convenient outside recycle location with secured containers. On your predetermined recycling pickup date, our driver will remove all recycling materials during your business hours.

Green Girl Recycling - Guidelines

See our recycle guidelines for items we take


Commercial recycling rates vary depending on location, type of recycling program, volume of recycling and frequency of pickup. The average cost runs between $20 and $35 per pick up for small to medium sized businesses.

Most of our commercial recycling customers reduce their trash volume by an average of 50% which translates to big savings. They often reduce their trash costs by more than the cost of our recycling services.

Recycle reports

Our drivers document the recycling pickup location, type of contents taken and how many pounds are recycled. We compile that information in a fancy database and send out monthly, quarterly or yearly reports. Download a sample year-end report here.

Each year in January, we send out end-of-the-year recycling reports to all our customers. It outlines how much they recycled and what those saving translate to within our environment. This is your personal green footprint!

Educate your team

We’re happy to help educate your staff about proper recycling, shredding, composting and disposale. All educational support is always free and we can meet with your staff during office hours.

Did you know by recycling 1 ton of paper, we save 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and enough energy to heat an average home for 6 months!!!