Happy Earth Day


Want to know why I love Earth Day? Because after 4.5 billion years of sustaining life, it's the closest our planet has to a birthday celebration! So, what makes April 22nd so special? This is [...]

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Rats & Recycling MRFs


It’s March...the snowiest month of the winter and we sure have had a few storms here in Boulder County this month! Snow is wonderful, I ski patrol so I really love seeing it up at [...]

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Warehouse Dream


I was recently interviewed by the Northern Boulder County Business Report. Going through that professional photo opp and then being interviewed by a seasoned reporter always makes me really reflect upon where Green Girl Recycling, [...]

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My Incredible Team of CU Students


This past fall semester Green Girl had the unique opportunity to work with a group of business and marketing students taking a class at CU in project management. We were asked to develop a project [...]

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Meeting Green Challenges With…Green!


It’s May – spring is in the air and we at Green Girl Recycling have been very busy making changes to our business to remain competitive in this ever-changing recycling world. It’s been a very [...]

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Just Try It!


Ah, January. The month where I create what feels like a million end-of-the-year reports for counties, cities, huge organizations, businesses of all sizes and my favorite – the homeowners. I look at how well everyone [...]

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Panic, Pray, Move


Life is funny at times, not always funny ‘ha ha’ – but comical in the way that often the biggest potential set-backs, bumps in the road, major heart-pounding bad news can be the biggest boost [...]

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