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Green Girl Recycling is committed to making recycling in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties simple, effective and affordable for all types of customers (residential, commercial, institutional, office, restaurant, and government). We work directly with each customer on an individual level to help reduce waste, lower trash costs, and set up an efficient recycling program that everyone can easily participate in and understand. Click here for Boulder Recycling Fun Facts.

Electronics Recycling in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties

Electronics Recycling

We make electronics recycling in Boulder and the surrounding areas easy by hauling your electronic waste for you. We give homes and small businesses a choice to have 100% recycling from a company who will haul ALL recyclable materials.

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Secure Paper Shredding in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties

Document Shredding

You can have peace of mind and be secure and protected with our document shredding services including commercial paper shredding at our warehouse in Longmont. We are happy to haul and destroy sensitive papers for you.

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Commercial Recycling in Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties

Commercial Recycling

A locally owned, female-run commercial recycling and shredding service that is able to cater to each of our customers’ needs providing a one-stop, zero-waste approach to lowering waste costs and increasing recycling diversion.

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Residential Recycling

Locally owned, family run, complete residential recycling service that has been in business in the mountains west of Boulder for over twelve years run by its founders; Bridget & Matt Johnson. “There wasn’t a good program in the mountains…”

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Inquire about our services!

Call us at 303.442.7535 to learn more about our services and pricing, or you can contact us at our email address Please let us know your recycling needs!

We love having Green Girl Recycling service the WW Reynolds buildings – they haul all recyclables and hard-to-recycle items, come directly into each tenants’ space and send us year end reports on each site and our green footprint.
Chris Riley, WW Reynolds

Bridget is wonderful.  She is the founder of Green Girl and not only has acute business acumen but helps the planet, daily, with her specialized recycling savvy.  She is great to work with, sharp and efficient. 

Her Recycling Teams are professionals- on time, hard working and personable.  GG can make your life easier.  Big jobs that seem overwhelming quickly become manageable.  Recycling is just the bonus! 

Anne Streeter, Southwest Research
Green Girl Recycling makes it easy for us to offer recycling services to our clients. When we pile up enough electronics, I give them a call and it’s picked up within a few days. It’s so nice to have them available only when I need them. Plus, they’re fantastic people to work with!
Jeff Reynolds, Canyon Computer Services

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