Your Old Electronics Could Save a Life

Your Old Electronics Could Save a Life

You already know that there is some magic in recycling. Plastic bottles, for example, can be turned into everything from fleece jackets to carpets to lawn furniture. But did you know that your old computer parts can be turned into a child’s smile?

This summer, Green Girl & Green Mountain Recycling is turning your old broken down electronics into swing sets, slides and even medical aid for saving lives. How, you may ask, are we going to accomplish this green alchemy? By getting involved in two very cool community projects.

Green Girl Project #1: Medical Aid to Belize, Westminster, CO – May 13th & 14th
It is my honor to support several nursing students in an electronics drive in Westminster. This summer, these nurses in training from the Front Range Community College will be heading together into the jungles of rural Belize to provide critical medical care to some very hard-to-reach children. Right now they need all sorts of items from sanitizer to gloves so that they can be effective in helping as many kids as possible. The details for the Westminster drive:

Electronics Recycling Event
Friday, May 13th: 8am-3pm & Saturday, May 14th: 8am-1pm
Front Range Community College Westminster Campus
3645 112th Ave. Westminster, CO 80031
(BIG green truck near front entrance of building / east end of lot)

Green Girl Project #2: Elysian Park Kids Playground, Jamestown, CO – June 4th
The second of these community projects is one that is close to my heart and my home – we’re going to do our part to help build a park! That’s right, on June 4th we’ll be in Jamestown for the “Green Clean Up Event” collecting hard-to-recycle items. For all of the electronics collected (these will cost a small amount to recycle), Green Girl will turn around and donate all of the profits to purchase equipment at the newly renovated Jamestown Elysian Park! We’ll be donating a truck, 2 workers, and gasoline – and put the money collected as far as it will go into monkey bars, a tall, twisting slide, a teeter totter, a Nova ring, and/or swings for age 6 months to 18+ years (who doesn’t love swings?). This will help greatly with the grant process, as well, which will allow us to build up a park that our kids can enjoy for many years to come. Right now, if we want to take our kids to the park we have to go to Boulder or over to Nederland, so this is going to directly affect our entire mountain community. I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Green Clean Up Event
Saturday, June 4th: 8am-3pm
Elysian Park (the “big park”)
Jamestown, CO

Please come out and show your support for both of these amazing causes. You’ve got to get rid of that old stuff anyway. All you need to do is bring your old electronics, pay a small fee, and they will be off your hands and disposed of in a safe, earth friendly way. In turn, we will turn the profit from both of these events into tangible help for the children of our community and across the world. Recycling magic!

We have been so fortunate with the community support we’ve been given. This spring, we’re giving back!


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