Waste Reduction in the Workplace

Waste Reduction in the Workplace

Waste reduction is one of the best ways to make your business operate more profitably. When you eliminate unnecessary waste, you are reducing the amount of money paid towards trash collection, as well as purchasing fewer products and reusing what you already have. Read on for easy ways to reduce your waste at work.

-Use email whenever possible to reduce the amount of paper waste.

-Implement a double-sided printing policy.

-Purchase reusable dishware to replace disposables.

-Replace paper towel dispensers in restrooms with air dryers.

-Work with suppliers that ship products in returnable containers.

-Source products that have been made with longevity in mind.

-Purchase products that have minimal packaging and associated waste.

-Invest in equipment that facilitates waste prevention.

-Teach your customers about the importance of waste prevention.

-Recycle whenever you can! Recycling is an excellent way to reduce your garbage disposal cost.


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