Warehouse Dream

Warehouse Dream

I was recently interviewed by the Northern Boulder County Business Report. Going through that professional photo opp and then being interviewed by a seasoned reporter always makes me really reflect upon where Green Girl Recycling, or better, ‘The Green Girl” (AKA “me”) has come in this adventure on my quest to keep as much recyclable waste from the landfill as possible. There is nothing more helpful to clearly see where you need to go in the future, than remembering exactly how you got to a place in your life.

In these interviews, the basic questions always get asked, like: When did you start? and What made you choose recycling? The better questions these days revolve around: IS recycling really happening in this crazy volatile recycling environment? and Should I still keep recycling? Well, OF COURSE, recycling is STILL happening and YES you should still recycle!

Being in the trenches each day is not as easy as it was in the 90s and early 2000s, but yes, 100% of what we haul gets recycled.

Thanks to a myriad of crappy press articles stating that recycling isn’t really happening, public doubt has been on the rise. I’m happy to say, however, that this information is just totally NOT correct.

What is correct is that recycling is alive and happening. The interview I went through last week focused on who we are and where we are in the market as well as how we plan to survive. In the meantime, where we are going is definitely the thing I think about most these days.

What is that, you ask? Well, it’s my dream for a warehouse of our own, of course!

While we love our current place, rent going up all the time really cuts our ability to hire, improve our fleet and profit in an industry heavily controlled by markets. We need our base expenses to be more stable. So, my goal this year is to own the ground we sit on and actively seek out a permanent location we can call true ‘home’.

Ideally, staying in Longmont is my goal because it’s central to our customers and employees. If you know of a piece of land zoned for commercial use in Longmont or of an owner of a building/warehouse (4,000 sq. ft.+) who is thinking of selling – please think of us and our dream to make our next physical move into a space we will own outright. Any help is welcome with the search and relocation process. I’m not great at asking for help – but I’m realizing it takes a village to not only raise my children, but also to make amazing things happen in our business.

Thanks to you, our extraordinary green customers, 2016 looks like it will be the best year we’ve had yet. Getting to our next goal of a bigger space is a big step, and a necessary one to be able to help more of our community with recycling, paper shredding, composting and electronics recycling.

Thank you for staying the course, always thinking green, and growing with our team over the years. We appreciate you all so much!


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