Recycling for the Community

Recycling for the Community

Anyone who thinks recycling is a tedious endeavor should pay a visit to the annual Green Clean Up Event in Jamestown, CO.

Jamestown is, quite simply, the most unique community of people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Getting together with them sometimes feels more like hanging out with a bunch of naughty cousins than neighbors. Just about anything can happen.

The set-up for the Green Clean Up alone was a blast. Not only was there fun and laughter all around, but it seemed there was no end to the hospitality of the community. People offered me everything from bagels and lox to food off the constantly going grill. We sat in a giant circle of 35+ chairs and talked well into the night by the light of an impressive bonfire.

The main reason for my excitement, of course, was that all of this took place at the edge of Elysian Park, to where all of Green Girl’s electronics recycling profits from the Green Clean Up Event would be donated for some badly needed playground equipment for the children of the community. Green Girl partners exclusively with certified US electronics handlers to ensure that 100% of the electronics we recycle are handled appropriately, are broken down in America and never shipped overseas. I left early, but the party went well into the night.

The next day was just as impressive. From early in the morning until mid-afternoon, a steady stream of people came to donate and to reuse. There was a table run by community artists to collect trash items that could be used for art, a swap & exchange area to help people discover treasure in other people’s trash, the Green Girl truck collecting electronics, single stream recycling, and CHARM (hard to recycle) items, a hazardous household waste collection area, and large roll-offs for the unsalvageable. When it was all over, I had everything from old monitors to clothes to Styrofoam #6 to old toilets to old bicycle tires. Phew! At the end, people packed up, cleaned up, and left the place as they had found it – as if it had never happened. It was unbelievable.

At last count, Green Girl & Green Mountain Recycling is donating $431 for the playground fund to be used toward a set of swing sets, slides, or monkey bars. A plant sale at the Clean Up Event yielded $106 for the playground. For a community filled with bright children in need of a safe, energetic outlet, this money couldn’t be put to better use. Here is a list of some of the other stats from the event:


TV’s & Monitors = 750 lbs

Laptops/CPU’s = 150 lbs

Speakers/Stereos/Printers/etc.= 523 lbs

All went to an ISO 9000 & ISO 1800 rated electronics recycler in Ft. Collins.

Clothing: 3 55-gallon drums

Foam:10 bags of #6 block Styrofoam

Toilets: 2

Used Food Grade Oil: 53 lbs

Cell Phones: 46 lbs

Rubber Tires: 18 lbs

Packing Peanuts: 7 40-gallon bags full

All put to reuse through our artisan program and kept out of the landfill.

Single-Stream Recycling: 1,945 lbs (one full truck load)

Green Girl & Green Mountain Recycling Also Donated to the Event:
Gas to run Trucks, Employee Time, Marketing time, etc. $400.00 for the playground fund

If you are interested in recycling your old electronics for a small fee to go toward the playground fund, please let me know right away. There is still time! You may also write a check made out to Green Girl Recycling, put “Elysian Park Donation” on the memo line, and we will make sure those funds get to the right place.


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