Monster Carts

Monster Carts

Every now and then a project comes along that reminds me just how fun it is to be in the recycling business. Not that I’m short on fun opportunities. This year alone I’ve helped raise money for a playground, collected recycling for Nederland’s Frozen Dead Guy Days, and enabled some nursing students to get medical supplies to the rainforests of Belize – but this one competes with all of them. Sure, these were all big projects, but this time…I’ve been asked to create a monster!

Recently, Green Girl and Green Mountain Recycling had the privilege of developing a recycling plan for Balarat Outdoor Educational Center. As many of you may know, Balarat provides a unique outdoor outreach to Denver Public school children. Each year, more than 10,000 students from the 3rd grade on up through high school visit their beautiful mountain campus to study the environment, Western history and outdoor leadership skills. It’s fun, educational, and in a gorgeous setting. So, when they asked us to help customize a program for them to not only help them be more environmentally responsible, but to also help make recycling fun for kids, I could not have been more pleased. Little did they know that I was going to get some help from a world-class animator!

Paige Moore is the real deal. Not only has he landed animated space on BET’s prime time, but he is also one of the creators of the well-loved children’s series, Wow Wow Wubsy!. He has imagination and he has talent. When I asked him to help turn a few poly-carts into something wild and creative, he was all over it. A coat of juicy yellow coupled with some eyes and fangs and we no longer have ordinary poly-carts – we have MONSTER carts, helpfully holding up a list of everything on their diet (which with single stream recycling, means pretty much anything recyclable). He even let me help. The one on the right with the gaping jaws is mine!

From Class A office space to large campuses to the less traditional non-profit where kids run free and monsters abide, we love it when groups ask us to develop a recycling program that will work for their space. Not only will we do free recycling audits with businesses or homes, but we’ll get containers into their space that will work. We go way out of our way to create, educate and implement programs individually designed for each customer. And as you can see, we love to do it!

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