Inspire Your Staff to Recycle

Inspire Your Staff to Recycle

Launching a recycling initiative takes more than just placing a few bins around the office. Your staff is the key component to a successful recycling program. Not only do they need to have adequate training on what and where to recycle, staff members also need inspiration to participate. Here are a few ways to motivate your staff to recycle:

Share Why Your Company is Recycling
Simply sharing why your company is implementing a recycling initiative (to reduce waste, become more sustainable, lower costs) helps employees feel that they are part of something important.

Offer an Incentive
Reward your staff for recycling! Contests are a great incentive to get staff motivated. Don’t forget to offer a reward that is lucrative enough for people to want to participate (sorry – a company water bottle probably won’t do).

Daily & Weekly Recognition
Mentioning recycling superstars during staff meetings is an excellent way to inspire others!

Lead By Example
Show your staff how easy it is to recycle by consistently recycling yourself. Share your personal thoughts on your recycling program in the company newsletter or in staff memos.

Implement a Suggestion Box
This is an excellent way to gather ideas from employees, including suggestions on how to make the recycling program better. Encourage your staff to submit their suggestions by placing the box in a central gathering place, such as the lunchroom.

Share your recycling Annual Report with your Staff
At Green Girl Recycling, we send out yearly reports to all our customers outlining exactly how well your residence or business did with recycling that year and even compare it to the previous year! This information is great to share with staff to inform and help motivate them to do better where applicable. Showing an employee how their efforts directly saved trees, water and electricity is a great motivator!


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