Green Girl Reporting

Green Girl Reporting

Every year at this time, my dining table turns into a mountain of papers as a whole new batch of year-end reports makes its way (somewhat miraculously) out the door. What a process! The folding and signing alone takes days. Luckily, my family is somewhat good-natured about having to eat elsewhere while stacks and stacks of neatly folded reports grow up down and sideways through the room.

At the end of it all, it was with great excitement that I sent off these reports. This year, in particular, I had so many cool things to tell everybody about 2010 for Green Girl – not least of which was about the launch of this our new Web site and blog!

We were humbled to report the receipt of two honors this last year. In May we were awarded an Eco Hero Award from the Boulder County Business Report, complete with a huge article and photograph. Then, in July, we were listed as a Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Company.

In addition, we were pleased to announce that we have been busy updating. Earlier in the year, we began replacing all of our single-stream poly carts in Boulder County with funds we received through a Resource Conservation Grant awarded in 2009. We scrubbed out each cart and stuck new labels on them listing the new materials we are able to now haul (plastics #1-7 and attached water bottle caps!).

We are so excited to be able to haul such a wide variety of recyclables for our customers, including all electronics, small appliances, packing peanuts, #6 Styrofoam block, books, wood scrap, wood pallets of all sizes, in addition to the usual. We even offer a shredding service for sensitive materials.

We can help people turn a special private event into a zero-waste event – and will even do free recycling/garbage audits for anyone who wants to green-up. Often, when an office changes old habits and truly begins to recycle all materials, they can offset garbage costs, which in turn can cover most recycling services. As always, if you refer us to somebody who uses our service, we will gladly give you a credit on your next month’s recycling bill!

It is because of the commitment of our customers that we have been able to come so far this last year and have made it the greenest year to date. Our customers saved 1852 tons of recycling last year alone!

If you haven’t done so yet, please follow us on Twitter @GREENGRLRECYCLE or see what we are up to and connect with us on Facebook @Green Girl Recycling. One of the things we should have ready for you soon is a new short video explaining Green Girl’s recycling process. Stay tuned for that and more. Something exciting is always happening – don’t miss out!


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