Green Girl Recycling and Aims Community College

Green Girl Recycling and Aims Community College

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I get to watch real change happen in real time. So when Aims recently issued an RFP to expand their recycling program, we were all over it. Not only do we LOVE working with Aims, but we love being able to customize large-scale plans for businesses and institutions. You mean you want us to help you allow your students, visitors and faculty to save even more waste from the landfill? Well, OK then!

Over the past few years, we’ve seen firsthand Aims’ dedication toward reducing their footprint on the environment—and quickly! When we first started working with them in 2009, most of their recycling services were geared toward their faculty. Together, we made a plan to introduce a more comprehensive recycling program to everybody on their campuses—the student body, visitors, and faculty, alike—and in a short amount of time, we were able to help them nearly double their annual recycling output. What’s even more exciting is that with our new single-stream recycling plan, we could very well do it again.

Here’s the thing. We’ve proven time and again that if we make recycling simple, people will participate. Not only will we be providing Aims with bigger and more attractive containers for single-stream recycling and data destruction services, but we will make it even easier for people to find them by placing an abundance of them in easy-to-locate central kiosks across Aims’ campuses. Our strategy is just that…simple.

Of course, changes like these don’t happen in a large institution without someone great at the helm. In fact, much of what has happened over there can be traced to the diligence and vision of Aims Facilities Director, Michael Millsapps and now his right hand man, Michael Hogan. Not only have they realized that a great recycling program spanning Aims’ multiple campuses can have a real impact on the environment, they have also realized that the shift of waste from traditional trash collection over to recycling services actually makes smart business sense. They’re not just saving the environment…they’re saving money in the process. And that is the kind of change that makes everybody excited.


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